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The Maluku is the most luxurious hot tub in the Reef Spas range. A large deep tub boasting an incredible 87 jets which deliver outstanding massage power from the three 3HP pumps.


It has sculptured ergonomic seating for 5 persons including a spacious deep lounger and two luxury captain’s chairs.


It features LED lighting throughout with exterior integrated LED panel lighting unique to the Maluku. The ultimate hot tub!




Reef Spas are proud of their great quality construction and insulation. When designing the Reef Spas models these are paramount in our planning.


We use a heat lock system where we recycle heat generated by the pumps ( quite naturally ) and trap it into an inner heat layer between the spa shell and the outer wall. A very thick and durable solid ABS base also prevents damp and cold from the floor below. Our outer cabinets are constructed with much thicker panels than most other spa brands which also aides heat entrapment.  


All Reef Spas are also fitted with a low flow circulation pump which offers a whisper quiet filtration plus a very low running cost which is an important issue in today’s world.